A True North Experience Home

By Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I peered overhead through the sky light window to see a crescent moon surrounded by stars nestled in a deep blue sky.  The breeze has a way of enveloping me as I feel the road humming as the darkness surrounds me, gifting me a peace of stillness before the sun made its appearance. To the left I see a shadow of fog rolling in over the trees not letting in the daylight in yet.

Venturing out on an open road is a magical time when I set out on another road adventure. On this day, I found myself having a conversation with the Divine and letting go of life’s going-ons.

A death in the family brought this invitation to the open road.  It wasn’t long ago when I wished to visit my Dad’s hometown of Oglesby again and meet up with my sister, Lois so I jumped at the chance to drive 4 hours north for my cousin’s memorial service.

My road trips usually start out with an innocent intention and always unfolding into an insightful awareness; a nudge from my wanderlust adventure side. As I peer over miles and miles of flatlands, the sky hints the color of a sunrise along with the morning mist that brings me back to nourish my spirit.

The familiar Illinois road appears differently each time the invitation appears.  Today it brings a softness of comfort and serenity answering my spirit with a melody of a breeze reuniting my childhood memories.

My body melts into the soft seat underneath me, God is present.

The silhouette of trees, tall corn stalks and intermittent dotting of cars offers me a chance to slow down for a moment and enjoy the ride.

‘Live life like you mean it’, softly it hums.

I see birds flocking together in anticipation of a winter’s flight down south.

The passing of a family’s legacy brought me here; the urging came with seeking an innate fellowship purpose. A sense of belonging reuniting at a family congregation; a rite of passage when my springtime of life began a lifetime of memories.

On the road, taking the time to make peace within me, listening to my heart and loving that little girl inside of me.

Embracing mid life now as another chapter, the sum of all my experiences and making peace where my early years began. Today I am trekking back to a childhood memory as an adult, getting a glimpse through 62 year old eyes. The road directions are sketchy with limited knowledge of an exit sign on the highway, trusting I’ll find my way. I reflect fond memories visiting Oglesby as a young girl making the trip with my family, riding in the backseat anticipating fun with my cousins. Appreciating my roots with my eyes wide open; I am exploring, asking more questions, feeling the connection on a renewed, deeper level with a sense of belonging, finding my true north.

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