Hi! Thanks for dropping in!

I’m Ann Karkoski and my home is in the Midwest, St. Louis, Missouri.


Blogger.  Educator Traveler.  Massage Therapist.  Eternal Student.

Love my family, God, nature, spiritual insights, and living life out loud.

My journey began in Chicago early on when I discovered my love of nature while picking mushrooms with my Dad in the woods and traveling down the highway, across the country, with my Mom.

Today traveling has inspired me to blog my excursions on the road. I love the adventure of meeting people, exploring and witnessing inspiring nature.

I am celebrating midlife by venturing out, taking the opportunity finding the magic.

Life inspires me to be more adventurous. Learn more. Everything in my life started with an idea, a voice, or a notion and then jumping into it.

I am grateful to be in a place of trusting the process. Sometimes.

Some of my over 50 efforts were free-fall skydiving from 14,000 ft., traveled alone across the country and hiked the renowned Yosemite National Park. I became a massage therapist, life coach, uncovering a passion for teaching workshops and became a blogger.

I take pleasure sharing stories, my insights and my blessings with others as we age gracefully together. I would love to hear from you.

I am giving myself permission to keep it simple. Sometimes it takes small steps to get to where I’m going. Easy does it.

Living life this long gives me reason to believe that everything happens for a reason. Some good and some are just here to teach me something.  Always something to learn.

I am excited about taking these favorable moments and wandering down the road.

  • My inspiration is to openly and willingly explore where this adventure takes me, discovering nature and reaching out to listen to people (and myself) along the way.
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  • My bosom friend and I are trekking down to Florida visiting our close friend where I’ll be teaching an Indian Head Massage Workshop to a group of massage therapists at Beach Ready, a spa and wellness center in Seaside. Read more
  •  Teaching an Indian Head Massage Workshop at Well Being Conference Center in Tazewell, Tennessee…Situated on 160 acres of woodland wildflowers, stunning scenery, surrounded by Powell River and Cumberland Mountains, I will be sharing this unique and tranquil massage in September of 2017 for continuing education class for massage therapist.
  • A New Passion Discovered… Tree Climbing! “At this crowning point in my life, I am learning freedom…”. Read more

“What if I fall,
Oh my darling,
What if you fly?”