Diary of a Middle Age Camper in #PureMichigan

By Sunday, October 2, 2016

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is comprised of 60,000 acres of majestic towering trees, rugged terrain, secluded lakes, spectacular waterfalls, pristine beaches and miles of wild rivers and streams located in western upper peninsula in #PureMichigan.




Sunday        Arriving in our campsite late to find a welcoming sign.

Sunset Lake Superior BEST

Witnessed a beautiful sunset overlooking Lake Superior.

Listening to the waves of the mighty Lake Superior always brings a constant reassurance that all is well.

I was not as tired as I thought I would be putting up my tent after a long day of driving. Denise and I nestled in our spacious and very quiet campsite, tucked in the back, enveloped under a canopy of beautiful strong trees.

In the early morning at 4am, put my shoes on and went to our primitive outhouse. In the dark. All alone.

Doing it bravely.

I felt so at ease in the back country that I wanted to feel the flora and fauna of Michigan’s wilderness so I set my tent’s opening to face the dark forest to get a breeze, leaving my outer shell unzipped to feel the gust of wind rolling in. Each camping trip, I learn something more about myself. I left behind the traditional worries of an opened door in one’s home in a neighborhood and faced my fear about unwelcome animals and left the tent flap open. It felt invigorating!

Doing it bravely.

Monday       During the night, I was awakened by a lusty wind; a storm arriving soon. It reminded me of the delicate sound of chimes and Mother Nature singing a lullaby while watching her children settled in for the night, only to find everything was dry in the early light.

Each time I ventured out in the woods, I noticed I gain more confidence in my wilderness and primal abilities.

Doing it bravely.

MyCookingGear OurLastFoodSupply









Our kitchen and cooking gear.

I am not too old maneuvering around in my one man tent and I managed to stay on the hiking trails pretty well.

Doing it bravely.

Trails Roots

I’ll be ok vacationing from falling asleep in my lazy boy recliner, watching television at home and instead being entertained by the wilderness playground.

Stack of Rocks at Lake 2Water Feet

I am enhancing my inner soul spending time in nature. I am reminded that I have everything I need to do this, even doing it achy sometimes, but always giving me reassurance that I am safe, grateful and loving this present moment in my midlife adventure.




Water BEST

Tuesday       What was once an essential ingredient to prepare our food has now become a much anticipated morning ritual; drinking a cup of fresh pumped well water. It tastes like it was brewed from an underground babbling spring that Mother Nature prepared with her own hand. Refreshing.


One day we were met by a blinding sunset on our 25 mile journey back to our camp, when unexpectedly, 2 black birds swooped in from nowhere in front of our car and flew ahead of us, directly our attention upward, where we were better able to see our way. A spiritual intervention to guide us home.

Wednesday           Gratitude is a word I can describe my usual run to the outhouse during the night when I heard a deep grumbling noise, realizing it could be my first black bear encounter. It turns out that snoring can be easily mistaken for an animal’s primitive voice.

Doing it bravely.

As I laid in my tent under a full moon, I realized that darkness has become my friend. It was once an unwelcome mystery, now transforming into an invited stillness, essential to my well being.

Full Moon and Tent


Ann Stooping

Becoming brave

Pencil Drawing U.P.

I want to share with you my newfound passion for drawing my inspirations….


End of the Earth



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