“Thank you for bringing this energetic modality to the community.  It is nurturing, compassionate and easy on the therapist as it integrates body, mind and spirit.  The client leaves with a floaty feeling and rebooks for more.  Love you for all you do.”                             Cindy Goodnetter, A Gathering Place Wellness Education Center


“Indian Head Massage is a wonderful therapy in it’s own right or to add some of the technique to your massage session.  Ann’s passion for the work is shown in her teaching during the workshop.  I recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to expand the tool box.”     Deb, massage therapist


“It has meant the world to me because now I have techniques that can be used anywhere anytime that I know will provide benefit and relief for the body and soul.”    Brandon, massage therapist


“I’m super excited to treat my clients with this technique.”    MollieShea, massage therapist


“Just a note to let you know how fun and effective Indian Head Massage is for me.The spa I work at have well-traveled clients who find this unique and amazing from other techniques they have experienced. I’ve also become the “headache lady” (relieving, not giving).The more reserve, inexperienced client not wanting to lay on a table nor taking their shirt off… Your attentive nature to being sure we all left the seminar confident in our new skill enabled me to promote the modality first thing Monday morning… thanks, again, Ann.Your delightful energy, shared compassion, faith in what we do, rekindled the same in each of the individuals there.  Kathy, massage therapist


“Ann — Thanks sooooo much for the fabulous Indian Head Massage workshop !!!  I have been using some of the techniques in my table work.  The hand and arm movements are relaxing and deeply effective in “draining” the arm and also somewhat the neck.  When I was studying in Bejing, the doctors taught us that one must pull the tension in the neck out of the arm to really get it to release.  The magic of Indian Head Massage is that the treatment is not only extremely relaxing, but also deeply therapeutic.  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.     Sincerely, Teresa  massage therapist


“Loved the Indian Head Massage workshop!  I was so amazed at how relaxing and spiritual this experience was!  It is truly an amazing class, full of compassion, acceptance, and love.  Ann is such a wonderful, heartfelt spirit, and has such a gift for teaching!  I would highly recommend this class!”     Melissa, massage therapist


“I loved the workshop.  It was a perfect fit for me.  I feel confident in my ability to give an Indian Head Massage and I am sure it will be a tool I use often.  It is the perfect massage for staying clothed and doing it anywhere, it is so simple and yet so effective.  Thank you so much for teaching.” Deb, massage therapist